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Dance/movement therapy (D/MT) is defined by the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) as the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive,

and physical integration

of the individual.

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Ritual is in part a model for action, but even more profoundly ritual discloses and enacts the experience of distance and tension between what is and what is hoped for, between the real and the unattainable, actuality and possibility

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Member Code of Conduct

By becoming a WA ADTA member online, members agree to maintain a professional standard of morals and ethics. Members are individuals who have gained the R-DMT or BC-DMT credential, or are currently in an accredited dance/movement therapy training program. No patient health information is shared, and discussions are nonjudgemental and limited to topics of dance/movement therapy in practice or research, with emphasis on support within the community, while being mindful of confidentiality. All forums are moderated.

ADTA Code of Ethics

Dance/Movement Therapists abide by the national ADTA's Code of Ethics. Click here to view and download our Code of Ethics.


Board members of the WA ADTA abide by a set of standards agreed upon by the national ADTA. Click here to view and download our By-Laws.

Privacy Policy

By becoming a WA ADTA member online, you gain access to our community's member profiles (which are public) and private forum discussions, as well as the ability to register for special events. Information you share is shared only on this website and is not sold or distributed to 3rd parties. Personal data that is collected include your name, credentials, and contact information, which may be used to send you WA ADTA community event notifications and newsletters via e-mail.

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